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Oviedo, Florida

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The 5 Best Restaurants in Oviedo, Florida

If you’re looking for a fab foodie adventure, this city is the place to be! Explore a variety of delicious foods, wonderful environments, and top-notch service. Here is our list of the top five restaurants in Oviedo, Florida. Pick your top choices to visit, but we suggest trying all of them because they are just […]

How to Build Your Credit as a College Student

The following are some awesome tips on How to Build Your Credit as a College Student. Opening a Student Credit Card One of the easiest ways to start building credit is by opening a student credit card. These usually have low-interest rates, no annual percentage rate (APR) charges for the first several months or years, […]

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Free Fun Things to Do in Oviedo, FL

  Are you looking for something fun and cheap to do around Oviedo, Florida this week? There is plenty of free and worthwhile stuff to do around town, you just have to know where to look. That is why we at North Gate Lakes decided to put this list of fun and free activities for […]

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Plan and Prepare For Your Move Ahead of Time

Plan and Prepare For Your Move Ahead of Time Weeks ahead of your move, be sure to plan everything out ahead of time. This will not only let you avoid the stress that comes with waiting until the last moment and having to do everything at once, if you’re like most of us, there’s always […]

These tips could give you confidence in any circumstances.

5 Simple Tips to Make Student Living in Orlando Easier

Going to college gives you a lot of freedom, but are you prepared to live on your own? From navigating public transportation, to budgeting monthly expenses, there is a lot for students to consider. Here are simple 5 ways that you can make living on your own in college an enjoyable experience: #1: Lock Up […]

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Best Restaurants in Oviedo, FL

Known for its beautifully distinct attractions and community, the city of Oviedo never ceases to attract tourists and the communities nearby. Of course, a place with great natural attractions like Oviedo on the Park and Lake Jesup, must have a great culinary scene to complement it. This city has plenty of locally and chain-owned restaurants […]

Settle In to Oviedo

We hope your stay with us is going well so far whether you’re a new resident or are joining us for another year. We’re very excited to introduce some new events this month, one of them being our Parents’ Weekend Tailgate on September 19. It’s always exciting supporting our University of Central Florida neighbors during […]