Get Involved at UCF

As school gets underway here at UCF, make sure you’re spending some time relaxing instead of with your nose in the books. Take a break and try something new. Get involved right here on campus with some of the fun activities and events going on in October.

Blood Drive

As Halloween is quickly approaching lots of people start envisioning vampires and zombies, but they aren’t the only ones who need blood. Participate in one of our on-campus blood drives to help save lives. It just takes a matter of minutes. Throughout the month the Big Red Bus will be on campus for the Knights Bleed Black & Gold event and to promote blood donations.

Interviewing Techniques

Take advantage of some of the great resources that the career services department offers, such as its workshop on October 22: “Successful Interviewing.” This will help you to prepare for when you graduate and are looking for a job, as well as when you start looking at possible internships. Career services also offers short workshops on leadership skills and a variety of topics that will help when you enter into the work force.

Shimmy Knights

Do you love to dance and like to try new things? This class is perfect for you — learn to belly dance at the Shimmy Knights Belly Dance workshop on October 27! Feel the music and get in touch with your inner rhythm as you learn to belly dance in the Key West Ballroom. If you can’t make it on the 27th, feel free to go any Monday in the month of November instead!

Starter Riot

Join your fellow students in the biggest trick-or-treating event at UCF! The Starter Riot on October 27 is the perfect way to get you out of your apartment and get you involved on campus. This isn’t your traditional trick-or-treating through student housing — it takes you through the abundant resources available on campus, and you’ll find candy on the way, too!

Whether you’re interested in dancing the night away or learning computer skills, UCF has something for everyone. Don’t spend all of your free time off campus in Orlando; get to know more about UCF by exploring campus and exploring your own interests.

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